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Problems with thinking

At times, we may all experience some problems with our thinking. Our thoughts can feel jumbled, disorganised, fast or slowed down. We can also find ourselves thinking about unusual or strange things.

Some people’s thoughts may be disturbed by hearing voices or noises that other people can’t hear, seeing things others can’t see, or believing something that others don’t believe is true.

If you have significant changes in your thinking?

We encourage you to get help if you notice significant changes in your thinking.

You should get help if problems with your thinking:

  • affect your daily routine, including your sleep and appetite
  • impact how you are reacting to your everyday life
  • cause you to be frightened by your thoughts
  • change your behaviour – for example, you are isolating yourself
  • tell you to hurt yourself or someone else

Most people can start to see improvements in problems with thinking with professional support, understanding what might be contributing to the problem, learning to manage stress and/or with the use of medication.

Find support:

There are also a range of resources available:

Personal, social and environmental factors may alter an individual’s experience or perception of this information. A person’s culture, religion, spirituality or ancestral spirituality can influence how this information relates to your health & wellbeing, as well as your community.

Last Modified: Monday, 20 February 2023