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Experiencing an eating disorder

What is an eating disorder?

Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses; they are not a lifestyle choice. They can be characterised by a preoccupation with eating, exercise, and body weight or shape. Some thoughts and emotions about body image and self-worth can lead to major changes in eating and exercise behaviours. These behaviours may include excessive dieting, fasting, overexercising, using medications, vomiting or binge eating.

Eating disorders include anorexia, bulimia nervosa, and other binge eating disorders. Eating disorders affect females and males and can have serious psychological and physical consequences.

Other services

Click here for information about Barwon Health’s Eating Disorder Service.

Click here for community organisations that can provide support.


There are a number of resources available to assist:

Personal, social and environmental factors may alter an individual’s experience or perception of this information. A person’s culture, religion, spirituality or ancestral spirituality can influence how this information relates to your health & wellbeing, as well as your community.

Last Modified: Monday, 20 February 2023