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Diabetes Referral Centre


The Diabetes Referral Centre specialises in acute and chronic care for diabetes. Our multidisciplinary team consists of Diabetes/Endocrinology Consultants, Advanced Trainee Endocrine Registrars, Endocrine Fellow, Credentialled Diabetes Educators, Division 2 Medication Endorsed, Dietitian and Podiatrist. A Diabetes Foot Service is also available for the acute management of foot disease in diabetes including vascular, neuropathic, acute infections and ulceration.

The Diabetes Referral Centre also provides care for newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes requiring diabetes management, diabetes and pregnancy and acute foot and lower limb complications.

Referral Process

  • Complete DRC referral template (see link to the right)
  • All referrals should be faxed to Outpatients
  • All referral are triaged for suitability and urgency
  • Provision of appropriate clinical information within the "reason for patient referral" section of the referral form is essential for accurate triaging and access to services. This will also assist with arranging appropriate Allied Health assessments where necessary
  • Both GP & patient will be notified of receipt of referral and expected waiting time for appointment
  • Both GP & patient will be notified if a referral has been rejected

Reassessment Process

If patients have a change in health status linked to a current referral and require reassessment, updated referral information should be forwarded.

Last Modified: Friday, 15 February 2019


Clinic Schedule: 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Address: Outpatients Department, Bellerine Centre, Level 3, University Hospital Geelong

Phone Numbers: 03 4215 1550

GP hotline: If you wish to discuss the triage of your patient or require additional information about your patient's referral, please ring the GP hotline on 03 4215 1398 (For doctors only).

Fax: Outpatient referrals: 03 4215 1383