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Improve Barwon Health - Become a Consumer Representative

Barwon Health strives to provide the best possible healthcare. However, no one understands the consumer experience better than the consumers themselves!

We would like to invite you to become a Barwon Health consumer representative. 

Who are consumer representatives?

As a member of the community you will have important insights to share, which bring the consumer perspective, this might be due to:

  • Living with or experienced a health condition (as a patient, family member or carer)
  • Utilising Barwon Health services (or may utilise in the future)
  • Living in the Barwon South West region (encompasses Geelong across to the South Australian border)

What do consumer representatives do?

The role of a consumer representative is to provide the consumer perspective. This often differs from a bureaucrat, service provider, industry, academic, or professional perspective. The role involves:

  • Protecting the interests of consumers 
  • Presenting how consumers feel and think about certain issues 
  • Contributing the consumer experience
  • Presenting consumer concerns and interests
  • Understanding activities undertaken by Barwon Health Departments, Committees and Governance• Ensuring that Barwon Health is accountable to consumers 
  • Acting as an advisor on issues affecting consumers 

Your lived experience, knowledge and skills can influence, how: 

  • Services are provided
  • Facilities are designed
  • Information (brochures, letters, websites, etc) is written
  • Feedback is gathered from patients and community members
  • Barwon Health is managed and governed

There are many opportunities for you to positively influence healthcare provided at Barwon Health. We encourage you to choose the options that are most meaningful to you.  

Like to know more or join? 

Rebecca Kress, Barwon Health’s Consumer Engagement Manager would like to hear from you via email [email protected]or call 4215 8922.

You can also apply online (create a user name and password, then fill out the online application).

Last Modified: Thursday, 30 May 2019