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Barwon Health / Cancer Services

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The Medical Oncology Treatment Team

The Medical Oncology Treatment Team is made up of a variety of staff who are committed to providing you with the best care available.

Medical Oncologist

A medical oncologist is a doctor who specialises in treating cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. A medical oncologist also directs a team involved in the care of cancer patients.

To view a list of our Medical Oncologists, please click here.


A haematologist is a physician who diagnoses and treats conditions and diseases related to the blood and bone marrow, such as lymphoma, leukaemia and multiple myeloma.

Specialist Medical Oncology/Haematology Nurses

Specialist medical oncology/haematology nurses provide and supervise the care of patients receiving chemotherapy. These nurses monitor your condition, administer medication, develop care plans, assist you to understand your diagnosis and manage your supportive care needs.

Oncology nurses collaborate closely with the medical oncologist and other members of the healthcare team to ensure the highest quality of care to patients with both solid and haematological cancers such as leukaemia, myeloma and lymphomas.

Bone Marrow Transplant Clinical Nurse Consultant

Provides education and support for transplant patients and their carers.

McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurses

Breast care nurses provide breast cancer patients with care, support, information and referrals to other health professionals.

Cancer Nurse Coordinator

Coordinates a patient's first visit for treatment in the day oncology area, assesses and manages their supportive care needs.

Clinical Trials Nurse

Specialises in working with patients who are involved in clinical research trials.

Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse

Assists patients with prostate cancer and provides information and support to their loved ones.

Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner

Help patients manage physical, emotional, psychosocial and spiritual issues by providing holistic end-of-life care and assistance to the patient and their family during the course of illness and treatment.

Specialist Graduate Nurse

These are nurses undergoing their final year of training to become a specialist Medical Oncology Nurse

Survivorship Nurse

Assists and supports patients after their treatment journey is completed.

Lymphoedema Support Nurse

Assists patients who have, or at risk of having lymphoedema (swelling of the limbs)


The pharmacist checks each patient’s treatment order to make sure it is correct and safe – think of this a double check for the doctors. They then work with the medical oncologist or haematologist to rectify any problems. The pharmacist is also responsible for checking all the products manufactured in oncology pharmacy. You will meet a pharmacist during your first treatment as they will come and talk to you about the medications you need to take while receiving chemotherapy. The pharmacists are available to answer any medication related questions throughout your treatment journey.

Oncology Pharmacy Technician

The Oncology Pharmacy Technicians are specially trained pharmacy technicians who manufacture all the treatments we use to treat cancer at Barwon Health. This involves drawing up the correct amount of each drug from vials and adding it to infusion bags. This process requires great care to ensure that the products manufactured are not contaminated and that the staff are protected while making them.

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