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Information for relatives and friends

You may like to share the Cancer Council information booklets named “Understanding Chemotherapy” with your family and friends as it will be helpful for them to know the effect of chemotherapy on your blood and what action to take if you get an infection.

Family and friends often want to help and support you. You may find it useful to have practical help with shopping, housework, visits to the hospital or collecting the children from school. You could ask one person to co-ordinate help and telephone calls to see how you are doing.

Don’t be afraid to identify times when you want quiet time or days when you don’t feel well enough for visits and phone calls. If you are feeling isolated or finding it difficult to cope, talk to the nursing staff so that professional support can be organised if necessary. We have disease-specific booklets you may like to read before or during your treatment. There are also booklets of a more general nature:

  • Sexuality and cancer
  • Understanding complementary therapies
  • Caring for someone with cancer
  • Understanding cancer fatigue
  • Managing depression

If you have any concerns about your care or treatment, please let us know immediately. You can talk to your specialist nurse, the unit nurse manager or your medical oncologist. Most concerns can be addressed straight away.

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The Cancer Council's Understanding Cancer e-books are written for people affected by cancer, including people who have been diagnosed with cancer, as well as their carers, family and friends.

Each book addresses a different aspect of cancer. We provide practical information to help you understand what you are going through, including answers to common questions, tips, checklists and where to go for support.

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Last Modified: Friday, 23 November 2018