The Radiotherapy Unit is located on Level 1 of the Andrew Love Cancer Centre.Image0136resized

Our department consists of three dedicated Varian treatment machines known as Linear Accelerators (Linacs) and prides itself on delivering state of the art treatment in a caring and friendly environment.

Radiation Therapy (radiotherapy) is a safe and effective treatment that uses targeted radiation (x-rays) to treat many types of cancer anywhere in the body. Radiation therapy is a part of the treatment program in around 40 per cent of all patients cured of their cancer. It also has a very important place in helping patients with cancer that cannot be cured, commonly used to shrink tumours, and/or treat cancers that have spread. This provides relief from pain and other symptoms, which is vital for improving a cancer patient’s quality of life.

Radiation therapy may be given on its own or in combination with other treatments such as chemotherapy and/or surgery.