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Barwon Health / Cancer Services

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Support Services

Everyday living does not stop for cancer. While people are dealing with the impact of cancer, they still need to manage life’s normal ups and downs. All aspects of life may be affected – work, family, relationships, finances, leisure and spirituality. Sometimes these feelings occur after treatment is completed. Cancer can affect how you view the world and interact with others.

You may experience a rollercoaster of emotions but common themes include:

  • feelings of fear, frustration, anger or guilt
  • a sense of uncertainty or isolation
  • depression
  • feeling helpless or a loss of control
  • grief

Although every health professional involved in your care offers “supportive care” as part of their work, we have a range of specialist staff available to assist you.

Many community support groups are also available outside the hospital to help you deal with your diagnosis. There are support groups in Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Camperdown, Colac, Warrnambool, Portland and Hamilton.

Click here to find support groups in your area or contact Barwon South Western Regional Cancer Service on phone (03) 4215 0459.

Last Modified: Tuesday, 02 February 2021