Pillars and strategies

Pillars are the way we provide adequate focus to the key elements of our strategy and will determine how the strategy is broken down into yearly business plans.

Our consumers at the forefront
Our people at their best
Right care, right time, right place
Research & Education for excellence
Our community’s wellbeing

Our consumers at the forefront
In response to our community’s ever increasing expectations, our first pillar focuses our efforts on organising our health services around what matters to consumers.

Strategic priorities

  1. Access to trusted health knowledge on-demand
  2. Confidence to sit at the forefront of one’s own health management
  3. Pathways of care, adapted to meet each person’s needs
  4. Lead the transition from consumer-centred to consumer-directed care.

Our People at their best
Our people are the lifeblood of the organisation. Our second pillar focuses on supporting and developing our people to perform at their best.

Strategic priorities

  1. Living the values in every action and interaction  
  2. Harnessing our diversity, capabilities and integrating our efforts through high performing teams
  3. Well-informed and consulted when decisions are made
  4. Capable of responding with resilience in an environment of rapid change.

Right care, right time, right place
Our third pillar responds to substantial increases in future demand resulting from population growth and the community’s growing expectation that health services deliver ever higher safety and effectiveness of care, delivered in a variety of settings closer to home. It includes partnerships which are a foundation for integrating care pathways in response to the more complex nature of disease.

Strategic priorities

  1. Putting consumers at the forefront of care delivery and service design
  2. Quality and Safety to the highest standard all day, everyday
  3. Transforming the timing of services and care
  4. With our partners develop a wider range of services closer to local communities.

Research & Education for excellence
To achieve excellence in healthcare, we need to bring to life the benefits of being a university-aligned health service. The fourth pillar focuses our efforts on greater integration of our people and our services with knowledge and technology to make the most of advances in treatments and the benefits of the information age.

Strategic priorities

  1. Excel in population and preventative health research
  2. Generating and adopting leading health practices
  3. Training and educating our people for excellence in care delivery, teaching and research
  4. Be the leading partner for education & training providers and learners.

Our community’s wellbeing
Our position is that all people in our community have a desire for fulfilling and healthier lives. Our fifth pillar focuses our efforts on understanding the nature of wellness and illness in local communities, improving access to services and responding to the impact of growth in communities in the region: including new family-orientated suburbs, sea-changers and immigrant communities. Our role in community wellbeing will often be one of support and we intend to be a committed and effective partner to the many health and social agencies across the region.

Strategic priorities

  1. Prevention and wellness services tailored to individual and local community needs
  2. Pathways of care are focused on health and wellbeing outcomes
  3. Understanding the health literacy profile of the community to address differences in access, self-management and engagement
  4. With our partners encourage healthier living during childhood.

Traditional Owners

We, Barwon Health, acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land, the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to the Elders both past and present.