Through tailored training packages to:

  • Assist clients/organisations to reduce workplace injuries as a result of violence and aggression.
  • Through the employment of non-violent techniques to deliver an effective training program which is not reliant on fitness, stature or strength.
  • Provide a quality service, which can be benchmarked to healthcare and aligned industry standards.
  • Ensure that professional standards are maintained and effective and safe training techniques are employed through an intensive quality assurance program.


MOVAIT has already established a reputation as a high quality program that provides a comprehensive, practical course for workers needing to deal with violent and aggressive behaviours.

Organisations introducing MOVAIT will be seen as pro-active in reducing risks of violent and aggressive incidents; patient and staff injuries; insurance and common law claims; staff vulnerability and discontent.

Staff trained in MOVAIT will acquire the skills to confidently manage violent and aggressive incidents. The main focus being on identifying and prevention of violence and aggression and using strategies to ensure this remains the focus of Humanity, Caution and Prudence.

This requires minimal staff to implement and are extremely effective in dealing with the causative person while ensuring dignity is maintained and reducing the risk of injury to all involved.


Courses may be tailored to meet the needs of an organisation, ranging from a four-hour program, to a 'train the trainer' program delivered over a three week period.

Refresher Sessions available on request.

MODULE TRAINING (four hours) Combining theory and practical self-defence:

  • Module A: Introduction to Violence & Aggression
  • Module B: Mechanical Restraint/Physical Restraint for Beds/Trolleys
  • Module C: Aged /Residential Care Staff
  • Module D&E: Community Health, Home Visit and Office based staff

Level 1 Basic (1 Day) Combining theory, and practical self-defence:

Designed to encourage participants to evaluate intervention strategies, enhance their knowledge of the causative factors of violence and aggression, develop communication and listening skills, seek measures to prevent or reduce violent acts, and to understand their responsibility and accountability at the practice level.

Level 2 Basic (three days) Combining theory, and practical self-defence:

The additional practical components are designed to provide participants with the physical skills and techniques necessary to enhance their self-confidence, be aware of body language, and to effectively breakaway from an incident with focus on care of self, client and the organisation. The additional restraint component manages violence and aggression using a team work approach, with the inclusion of a safe method of control and restraint, maintaining a high level of care safety and dignity to all those concerned.

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